Awe-inspired adventuress

More Than Meets the Eye is for those who prefer the path less traveled, and is about discovering those undiscovered gems that are off the beaten path.  Inspiration struck me while searching for beautiful alternative scenery that I could use as backdrops for filming my hoop-videos.  (Yep, you read it right- hoop videos.)  I am a hoop-dancer, college student, and adventuress in no particular order, and some of my favorite places to hoop incorporate artsy scenic views that I would have otherwise never discovered.  Being in these beautiful places doing something I thoroughly love is not only soothing but cleansing for the mind, body, and soul- and it gave me a revelation: if the only reason I came across these places was because of my passion for hoop-dancing, so many people probably don’t even know these behind the scenes places exist at all.  This realization made me want to expose the essence of as many alternative places as possible, and thus my More Than Meets the Eye blog was born.