Adventuress from a teeny-tiny town

Growing up in Highland Mills, New York, I’ve always been accustomed to the “there’s nothing to do around here” feeling.  No one has even ever heard of “Highland Mills” before, and the closest landmark that people sometimes are familiar with is Woodbury Commons (if you’re a shopaholic).  Besides our local deli, Mario’s, and pharmacy, it’s easy to feel trapped in such a small town.  Too far upstate to take advantage of New York City often, it can feel like the middle of nowhere.  I mean, there really is nothing to do here… or is there?
Perhaps there is more than meets the eye?  Highland Mills may be a tiny town (okay, an extremely minuscule town) but it also happens to be embedded in the beautiful, scenic, historic Hudson Valley.  There are so many easily overlooked places encompassing this area that it now seems crazy to be trapped in the “there’s nothing to do around here” mindset in the first place!  From the state parks to the waterfronts along the Hudson, all I have to say now is “where do I go first?”
So, having this revelation, I wanted to start this blog to compile alternative places that despite not being well known, are thoroughly worth visiting, and extremely deserving of some slots on your bucket-list!  As I will soon be embarking on my next adventure to Sydney, Australia, I hope to travel to alternative places there as well, uncovering Sydney’s hidden gems and treasures and hopefully I can begin to unravel the false notion that something has to be popular to be worthwhile.  After all, there’s always more than what meets the eye.   
-Sara Hollie

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