Hidden gems

15175428_1337184486312966_8289467_nLooking at this photo, you may feel like you’re at some sort of art exhibit, or in some kind of art museum or artists’ showcase. But what if I told you that you could see this beautiful piece of art alongside a wall in the inner city of Newburgh right here in the Hudson Valley? Along with other murals dispersed throughout this area, this one combines elegance with mystique (and also just so happens to be one of my favorites.) Stare at it long enough and you’ll feel like you’re becoming lost within the cosmos, in harmony with a universe full of color and serenity and bliss…
Basically all I want you to understand is this: you don’t need to spend a fortune going to an art museum listening to those god-awful headphones telling you where to look while listening to some guy in his sixties give you a tour (or lecture from hell, you decide) on the exact pieces of art that you didn’t even want to see in the first place and you can’t go anywhere because it’s so crowded and you’re too short to see over the tall people that decide to stand right in front of you… (Okay, maybe I haven’t exactly had the best experience at art museums in the past…) but the point is: would you rather subject yourself to all of that chaos, or see beautiful hidden gems right here in the comfort of the Hudson Valley?  The latter? Yup, I thought so.




Storm King Art Center

Watching the sunset at Storm King Art Center on a cool November evening with your hula hoops is something I strongly believe everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.  (Okay, maybe without the hula hoops…)
This art center of over 500 acres displays incredibly talented pieces of artwork from many different and unique artists.  Walking the trails of this place will take you on your own journey as you look up in awe at some mind-boggling illusions and brilliantly crafted sculptures. Don’t feel like walking? No worries! You can also take advantage of the trolley that gives you a tour of the entire grounds. 15211501_1337190036312411_430825427_n

This place truly brings out the art connoisseur you may have never even known you had.  So if this place is so great, why don’t people know about it? Well, I’m glad you asked! Because of its’ location in Mountainville (which is even smaller than my painfully tiny hometown of Highland Mills) Storm King Art Center is not one of the more well-known places around here- but, all that means is it’ll be less crowded when you visit for yourself!



Washington’s Headquarters

Who would’ve thought a seemingly ordinary stone building could be so historic?  This is the house that George Washington lived during the revolutionary war, and you can see it right here in the Hudson Valley!  Located in the heart of Newburgh juxtaposed next to the Hudson river, Washington’s headquarters is a must-see historic site that is easily missed. This photo displays the view you’ll see when you try to go on a Friday when the entrance is (apparently) locked…
So, now that you know this historic site exists right here, what are you waiting for? (Unless it’s Friday, in which case, wait until tomorrow.)


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